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What is a Tent Topped Camping Trailer?

    Explorer Box with Mombasa Roof Top Tent
    Tent Topped Camping Trailer ™

    What is a Tent Topped Camping Trailer™ (TTCT™)?

    It’s a Tent Trailer – of sorts.  They are compact campers inspired by vintage Tent Trailers with a focus on efficiency and simplicity.

    A TTCT™ is designed to complement the smaller size of fuel-efficient vehicles.  It’s tailored for people seeking to conserve fuel, reduce their impact on the environment, and save money by driving that smaller vehicle.  They’re designed to minimize the impact on mileage, performance, handling and braking when towing.

    A TTCT™ notably expands your available space so the small size of a fuel-efficient vehicle does not have to be a deterrent to camping adventures.  It provides you with the space necessary to bring your camping essentials and then some. It takes the approach of supplementing your cargo capacity only when necessary verses driving an eight person SUV with one person in it 80% of the time.  I also like the fact that the cost efficiency of driving a smaller vehicle makes it affordable to get out more.

    However, it’s more than just a compact trailer; it’s about a simple and “unplugged” way of camping.  This is unique to what’s typically promoted by the RV industry today.  It is a step back in time to when tent trailer’s focused on the basics, such as a dry roof over your head for sleeping.   It is for people who go camping to leave the normal hustle and bustle of life at home and take advantage of the soothing, relaxing and recharging effects a few days in nature has upon the mind and body.  It’s about enjoying simple pleasures.  Such as, a sunset over the lake, catching sight of a shooting star, smores or scary ghost stories by the campfire.

    Camping to us is spending time outdoors.  It’s exploring the beauty of nature on foot, bike or kayak.  It’s the fresh air and wealth of sensory inputs nature has to offer. It’s cooking over a campfire, how much better food tastes at a picnic table and awaking to the clatter of wildlife. If caught in inclement weather, there is plenty of room to wait out the storm, play a game and stay warm and dry. I have to admit, I just don’t get pulling up in a beastly RV, coming out to setup your satellite dish, and then disappear inside to eat your microwave dinner.

    Another key element of simplicity is easy and stress-free setup. You simply remove the cover and pull it open. No assembling and threading poles, no stakes or guide-lines to trip over. There is no unpacking necessary to access your tent. This becomes a huge benefit, when arriving late at a campsite and you just want to go to bed.  You can literally pull in, pop it open and jump in bed.

    Finally it’s a DIY friendly project. Using plywood, waterproof glue and a few screws it’s easy to create a durable, attractive, lightweight trailer box. This is then mounted on top of a bolt-together frame kit.  If you crave the satisfaction of building something with your own two hands and enjoy the outdoors, this is a great way to bring the two together.  But be ready, I have yet to take a TTCT™ camping and not have visits from fellow campers inquiring; “what is it?”, “where did you get it?” and “can I look inside?”  Also, don’t worry if a DIY project isn’t your thing, we’ll be happy to build one for you.

    If you enjoy outdoor adventures and the benefits of a fuel-efficient vehicle, a Tent Topped Camping Trailer™ is the perfect addition for extending your enjoyment and getting you out more.

    You choose your adventure; we’ll provide the base camp trailer!

    Explorer Box with Oasis Roof Top Tent
    Tent Topped Camping Trailer ™