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Trailer Racks

    Trailer Racks: How-To Build a Better Triple Decker Trailer Rack

    I have seen a number of trailer racks configured with three-tier on a trailer. Setting them up for gear hauling on the floor of the trailer, then a cargo basket in the middle and taller utility trailer cross bars above for hauling kayaks, bikes, roof top tent or whatever. The ones I’ve seen used either a Carry-on brand 3.5’ x 5’ or 4’ x 6’ utility trailer as a starting point for their projects.

    One of the ways to configure a three-tier trailer rack setup is using production racks. Here is an example of using Yakima’s Outdoorsman pickup bed racks and a pair of their load bars to convert a utility trailer into a multi-sport gear hauling trailer.

    Trailer Racks DIY Build at Home Rack Kit from Compact Camping Trailers

    There is a better way!  Building your own with No Weld Trailer Rack Brackets. I say better way because the rack you build will be exactly the size and height needed for your application, a sturdy structure that helps stiffen your frame and costs less than 40% what production racks do. Then there is the added satisfaction of building something with your own two hands.

    Here is a customer example Paul built using a set of 12 No Weld Rack Corner Brackets and a Carry-on 3.5’ x 5’ trailer.

    Trailer Racks DIY Triple Decker Build at Home

    Price comparison info:
    Yakima Production Setup – Total $791
    $507 – Yakima Outdoorsman
    $195 – Yakima Rain-gutter Towers
    $89 – Yakima 58” cross bars

    No Weld Trailer Rack setup – $297
    Set of 12 No Weld Rack Corner Brackets – $129
    Around 40’ of 1.5” square tubing, $3.95 a feet – $158
    Couple cans of paint – $10

    Just to be clear, I’m not saying Yakima makes bad products, but if you are mechanically inclined and enjoy building things, I’ve got a better way for you!