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New Trailer Rack Comparison #1

    trailer racks

    What if there was a better way to build a Trailer Rack? Here is a Trailer Rack Comparison!

    With a Trailer Rack Comparison, I have noticed people install all sorts of racks on utility camping trailers. Both Thule and Yakima make a popular clamp-on pickup bed rack. Both work nicely for setting up two-tier storage for hauling roof top tents, bikes, kayaks, etc. above the deck.

    The Thule Xsporter has a list price of $799 and the Yakima Outdoorsman $507.

    What if there was a better way?
    A notably more budget friendly way?
    A way that also builds a stronger rack?

    If you are the DIY type and receive satisfaction from building things with your own two hands, there is.

    The No Weld Trailer Rack System. By putting in some “sweat equity” you can build a trailer rack with our specially designed brackets for well under half the price. For most racks we recommend adding connecting bars between the front and rear hoops which notably stiffens the rack structure.

    At the core of the No Weld Trailer Rack System is strong 1.5”, .120” wall square tubing. Then the tubing is joined with our special Corner Connectors and depending on the application, attached to the trailer with our Base Plates.

    An average size No Weld Trailer Rack for a Utility Trailer will cost around $200 in materials to build. A Corner Bracket set is $97. In my area 1.5” square tube is $3.35 a feet. Then some bolts, nuts and a can or two of paint. That puts the cost well under half what the Thule or Yakima options run.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the Thule or Yakima racks are bad products, but if you are mechanically inclined and enjoy building things, I’ve got a better way as you see from this Trailer Rack Comparison.

    For information about how-to build a trailer rack with the system, visit “No Weld Trailer Rack Bracket System Overview”. There is also a Tventuring forum thread on the topic with many examples here “No Weld Trailer Rack System