Compact Camping Trailer Supported Yard Work?

How many people use their trailer for Compact Camping Trailer Supported Yard Work? Resourceful and a unique way to use your Compact Camping Trailer.  Actually, a way we have never seen before. Everyday we receive photos from customers in emails or posted on our Tventuring Forum about the different places and uses of their home-built

What’s New?

News Flash! New Compact Camping Trailer Gallery – we’ll be adding to it all the time. See our videos of our trailers and more here. has just released their review of our Dinoot Trailer Build.  Check it out here. Read the latest write up about Compact Camping here by Julian Gothard of If

Great Site – History of the “Pop-Up Camper”

We found this site during one of our many searches for cool compact campers; RV/MH Hall of Fame.  They dedicate the web site  to the history of American-made pop-up campers and displays a museum specifically for the pop up camper.  The site documents the manufacturers who produced and sold pop-up campers throughout the 20th century.

Micro Camping Trailer

Do you drive something really small?  Maybe a Mini Cooper, SmartCar, Motorcycle or even an ATV. Here is an idea for a trailer to expand your hauling capacity when needed and is quickly converted into a tent topped camping trailer. Start with a Harbor Freight 55″ x 35″ box trailer.  They are about 180 lbs

Trailer Ideas

Here is another page of compact campers that are not home-built but which provide enough info to spark planning/thinking about building your own. Click here. Submit your own ‘finds’ to us by clicking here.

Interesting Home-Built Camping Trailers

To help stimulate your thinking while you plan the building of a camping trailer check out the page of Interesting Home-Built ones we’ve collected.  Click here. Click here to send us photos and a brief description of your project.