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Bolt Together Camping Trailer Frame

Camping Trailer Frame Kits

A cost effective bolt-together camping trailer frame kit works great as a starting point for many home-built Compact Camping Trailer projects.

There are a few different sources for bolt-together trailer frame kits:

Harbor Freight is one of the more well-known suppliers. Many compact home-made Camping Trailers build around a 4’x6’ deck size, most bolt-together frame kits are 4’x8’.  This isn’t a problem, the bolt-together frame kits are easily resized to 4’x6’ and other sizes.

Here is a PDF format guide about resizing a Harbor Freight 4’x8’ bolt-together frame kit into a compact homemade Camping Trailer Explorer Box sized 4’x6’ frame.

We are here to aid you in the selection and construction of a frame.  We offer Welded Frame Kits, and Frame Parts.

Trailer Frame Anatomy of a Home Built Camping Trailer

I have a post on Tventuring entitled; “Should I use a Harbor Freight frame for my trailer project?” Which is a thread about using and upgrading Harbor Freight style bolt-together frame kits.