Trailer pickup truck bed Rack Towers

For many years, we have successfully used Thule raingutter style rack towers on trailers.  The only down side was price when factoring in purchasing fake rain gutters for attachment.

Now that we have introduced the basic No Weld Trailer Rack System, I’m beginning work on accessories and expanding the product line.

I have some new towers in the works designed to replace using Thule towers and flake rain gutters.  I initially designed them for use with our Dinoot fiberglass tub kits, making them compatible with the existing Rack Reinforcement Bracket.  Then I made a few tweaks to work nicely on Utility, M416 and Teardrop trailers for adding lower height side attached trailer racks.  Basically any style trailer with a flat side can use these.  Stay tuned …

For more overall Rack information and lots of pictures visit the “No Weld Trailer Rack System.”

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