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Smooth Riding Camping Trailer Springs

    When building a DIY Compact Camping Trailer many folks begin with a Harbor Freight bolt-together style frame kit. The Heavy Duty Harbor Freight frame kit we prefer using has a 2000 lb load capacity.  For lightweight home-built camping trailers, this can make for a stiff ride which is why you may need  Smooth Riding Camping Trailer Springs.

    To remedy this we have developed a Smooth Riding Spring Retrofit Kit.

    The Spring Kit has a load capacity of 1150 lbs and rides very smooth compared to the stock setup.

    Remove leafs from the pack if you need a lower load capacity for a kayak trailer, bike trailer or motorcycle camping trailer.

    For folks building their own welded frames, the springs and many frame building related parts are available from our store.

    Harbor Freight Smooth Ride Spring Retro Fit Kit

    For more details and to order visit our store here.