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Shop Space Needed To Build An Explorer Box?

    If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and need access to the tools or space for a DIY project like this check out Shop People.  They are a wood, metal and more membership workshop.  Really great people to know and work with plus their location is central.  We visited and immediately felt welcome.  Check them out if you don’t have space or the tools to build one of our DIY projects.

    In other parts of the country there is another ‘membership’ type of shop space available – they had a shop in the Portland area, but its no longer listed on the website.  Check out their website here; TechShop.  This company provides space, high tech tools plus the classes needed to use them. UPDATE: Thanks to our reader “Macona” who informed us that TechShop is no longer in business.  Apparently they closed their shop in January of this year.

    Both are a resource if you don’t have the space to build one of our projects or one of your own.