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New Packable Kayak!

    On a recent trip we tested a new packable kayak.  As a solution to minimizing space and ease of packing we’ve used a packable kayak that performed well and being in a bag, was great to pack in the Explorer Box.  The previous boat was a skin on frame which took a bit of time to put it together; whereas the new kayak was as simple as taking it out, pumping it up (a good five minute workout) and getting in to paddle.

    New Packable Kayak! Compact Camping Trailers

    The openness of the boat was enjoyable.  Being able to sit any way we wanted without compromising balance and with both of us paddling.  For an inflatable boat, it was surprisingly fast.  Paddling with our friends, who were in a canoe, we were able to out distance them without much effort.  The Trinity II self bailing is great, however, in choppy conditions the bailing holes splash the forward paddler.  To minimize this, I put our storage bag in the front of the boat and rested my feet over the bailing holes which worked pretty well.   The removable tracking fin provides excellent tracking and minimizes weathercocking.  I haven’t had a chance to, but it would be fine solo paddling, too.

    The Trinity II is 15’3″ long by 32″ wide.  The Trinity II side tubes are 9″, and with two average size adults you will have about 7″ of free-board above the water surface. The inflatable floor is a full 7″ thick and is keel shaped at each end. There are two comfortable lift handles, and each seat is adjustable and has a large cargo pocket on the back.  The boat with two seats and heavy duty fin weighs in at 51.5 pounds.

    To find out more about the Trinity II and other inflatable kayaks check out The Boat People, inflatable boat experts based in California.

    New Packable Kayak! Compact Camping TrailersNew Packable Kayak! Compact Camping TrailersNew Packable Kayak! Compact Camping TrailersNew Packable Kayak! Compact Camping Trailers