Compact Camping Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer 2019

Compact Camping Multi-Purpose Trailer Compact Camping Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer

Compact Camping Multi-Purpose Camping Trailer 2019

Many have contacted Compact Camping wanting a multi-purpose camping trailer.

A trailer with multiple personalities; something to use for camping adventures one weekend, and a run to your local building supplies store or the dump the next week. I’ve done a few of these and customers have done a number of variations on the idea. It’s the perfect way to maximize the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle with extra space only when needed

The focus is upgrading from sleeping in the dirt to a roof top style tent unit from my Top-Tent site. Because the starting point for this approach is some form of utility trailer, I refer to them as a Utilitarian. There are many types, sizes and styles to choose from. Personally I like the smaller 4×6 ones.

Our roof top style tent units are easy to elevated above the side walls using a set of rain gutter style racks. For trailers with L-channel top rails, all you need to do it bolt or weld in some small pieces of L-channel for the rack towers to clamp against.

Here is a thread about the multi-purpose, utilitarian trailers on our forum, TVenturing.