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Micro Camping Trailer

    Do you drive something really small?  Maybe a Mini Cooper, Smart Car, Motorcycle or even an ATV.

    How about a Micro Camping Trailer?

    Here is an idea for a micro camping trailer  to expand your hauling capacity when needed and is quickly converted into a tent topped camping trailer.

    Start with a Harbor Freight 55″ x 35″ box trailer.  They are about 180 lbs. and $350, although with the readily available 20% off coupon it would be $280.

    Micro Camping Trailer Compact Trailer Smart Car with Roof Top Tent
    Base for Micro Camping Trailer

    Then add an Oasis II  folding tent unit for overnight away from home adventures. They weight 50 lbs. and are $815.

    Oasis II Roof Top Tent

    You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile multi-purpose camping trailer solution that’s new, only weighs 230 lbs. and is under $1100.

    Looking for a “Compact Camping Trailer”? Check out the Explorer Box Build Manual to build your own customizable, lightweight camper or check out Dinoot Trailers, a fiberglass tub kit you can put together in a weekend! We also have designed and sell Dinoot Trailer Racks to mount a roof top tent, add storage space for toys and even for Pickup Truck beds!

    Happy Camping!