Is a DIY Camping Trailer Right for You?

Sometimes, when people consider doing-it-yourself, the first thing that comes to mind is; “how cheap can I build it?”  “I’m on a budget, I want to save money or I can’t afford the ready made one I want.” What reasons are driving your interest in a DIY project? When I think about DIY, here are

Products – Trailer Parts

Parts for the construction of The Explorer Box and other compact camping trailers; including latches, hinges and lock sets.  Check them all out here. Please contact us for ordering info until we have full online shopping in place.

DIY Side Tables

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep and cooking comes in handy. We have all the hardware available to make your own removable side tables in both folded down, adjusted and fixed leg styles. Side tables can be made to run lengthwise along your trailer or perpendicular. I’ve not done

Net Mesh Storage Pouches

Storage pockets turn any surface, especially vertical ones, into extra, usable space. Their elastic top closure securely holds items while providing convenient quick access. They come in both a webbing frame with a fabric back and wire frame model. See all models and accessories here. Please contact us for ordering info until we have full

Shop Space Needed To Build An Explorer Box?

If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and need access to the tools or space for a DIY project like this check out Shop People.  They are a wood, metal and more membership workshop.  Really great people to know and work with plus their location is central.  We visited and immediately felt welcome.  Check

M.O.A.B. Install PDF Manuals

We’ve released the M.O.A.B. Install Manuals, one for a general install and one for an Explorer Box/Pod install.  We explain this DIY project in detail with photos.  Check out the files at

Pak Boat Experience

One of the outdoor activities my wife and I enjoy is kayaking. We’re not hardcore kayakers doing week long open ocean trips.  We mostly enjoy mountain and coastal lakes, estuaries and meandering rivers.   Over the years we’ve owned a number of Prijon and Eddyline flat water kayaks and I’ve built both a wood strip and

Compact Camping How Much Can You Tow?

Compact Camping Puts Safety First Compact Camping Trailers wants safety to be your first priority.  Now that you’re considering in a Tent Topped Camping Trailer, you will need to know how much your vehicle is able to tow. Before we jump into that though, I recommend you begin with a primer on safe towing. The

Trailer Ideas

Here is another page of compact campers that are not home-built but which provide enough info to spark planning/thinking about building your own. Click here. Submit your own ‘finds’ to us by clicking here.

Interesting Home-Built Camping Trailers

To help stimulate your thinking while you plan the building of a camping trailer check out the page of Interesting Home-Built ones we’ve collected.  Click here. Click here to send us photos and a brief description of your project.

Waterfalls of Opal Creek Recreation Area

With my attraction to moving water and waterfalls, a great three waterfalls day trip to Salmon, Henline and Sullivan falls is a good blend of back roads driving and hiking.

Coleman Coolers

There is camping gear advertised to ‘last a lifetime’ and few items that actually do. They may have scars and a few bumps and cracks, but they remain useable and part of the ‘family’ when it comes to camping and outdoor fun.

What is a Tent Topped Camping Trailer?

Some people may ask what a Tent Topped Camping Trailer™ (TTCT™) is?

It’s a Tent Trailer – of sorts.  They are compact campers inspired by vintage Tent Trailers