Mt. Hood Camping Adventure

We set out on another camping trip – this time without the Explorer Box; just our roof top tent and the Suzuki Sidekick as our ‘camper’.  We put the tent on top of the Suzuki, Arko-Mills containers were packed with food and utensils a small bag of clothes and we were off!  Grabbed the coats

How Easy is it to Set Up a Roof Top Tent?

Scott shows you how easy it is to set up a Roof Top Tent (less than a minute) and be in bed after a long day of driving to a favorite camp spot! This is ours  with the Explorer Box. Check out just how easy here. Happy Camping!

Afraid to Fall Out of a Roof Top Tent?

People often ask us; “Can’t you fall out of one of those?”  Referring to our roof top tent – well, here’s an answer that illustrates just how safe and roomy a roof top tent or tent topped camper (the Explorer Box) actually is! See our YouTube Video here.

Customer Write-up

We received this link from a recent customer Jasmine B. and  pleased to see that being a bit unsure about a roof top tent proved unfounded; now the way she and her husband camp has changed for the better! We’ve included a few of the photos she posted and want to thank Jasmine for her kind

Our First International Build!

We received an email and photos from our most distant Explorer Box ‘build’ customer; Jay from Okehampton, United Kingdom.  Although we had the longest distance purchase of our build manual from Afghanistan; this is our first international build.  Thanks Jay! Jay wrote that although he was a great student in ‘woodshop class’ – he hadn’t

A Long Distance Purchase

We’ve seen growing interest in the Explorer Box from other countries but were surprised when we received an order for a tent unit, manual and parts kit for an Explorer Box from Afghanistan.  Turns out stationed in Afghanistan, Evert wanted to have everything ready to build and Explorer Box when he returned home. It was great meeting Evert, his

Website Dedicated to Rooftop Tents

We’ve just launched a new website: dedicated to Safari style rooftop/cartop tents.  On it we will be having monthly sales and extremely good pricing and FREE SHIPPING.  If you’ve waited for a deal to top the Explorer Box, your own camping box, car, or truck – now is the time!  Check it out.  We

Explorer Box Variations: Front Compartments and Tires

One feature of an Explorer Box is the ability and space to personalize and tailor it to your style of camping. An area easily adjusted is the front and side compartments. Depending on the gear you pack, the height and shelves are customizable.   The first picture is a standard Explorer Box, The second is one

Is a Soft Floor Tent Unit Right for You?

When looking at folding style trailer / roof tent unit; one decision you’ll need to make is soft or hard floor. The majority of tent units are made with a hard floor design using plywood or aluminum sandwich construction. One model, the Oasis II uses a soft floor design using a trampoline type material. The

Recent Customer Photos

We’ve received more customer photos of their builds! Here is Steve’s multi-purpose trailer normally configured for carrying dogs to events; the box and tent are easily removed for general hauling. Here is Kristina’s Rover with its new Roof Top Tent.  Not being able to wait for a camping trip – they camped in their back

Great Site – History of the “Pop-Up Camper”

We found this site during one of our many searches for cool compact campers; RV/MH Hall of Fame.  They dedicate the web site  to the history of American-made pop-up campers and displays a museum specifically for the pop up camper.  The site documents the manufacturers who produced and sold pop-up campers throughout the 20th century.

Cost of Disposable versus Refillable Propane Cylinders

A question I regularly get about Outfitting one of our home-built tent trailers is, Should I add a refillable propane cylinder or use the small disposable ones? For me there are two primary considerations, cost and reducing waste.  The cost difference is straight forward to quantify, the value of reducing waste is a personal choice.

M.O.A.B. DIY Folding Tent Unit Video

Scott walks you through setting up the M.O.A.B. Stay tuned for the next installment of the interior of the one and only DIY Folding Tent Unit Made in the USA!

Finishing A Plywood Based Camping Trailer

A good finish on a home built compact camping trailer needs to provide moisture protection, be durable and for exterior surfaces hold up to UV exposure. A question I often hear about wood based compact camping trailers is, won’t they rot?  Rot starts to form when bare wood is constantly subjected to moisture.  With proper

Is a Folding Style Rooftop Tent Unit Right for You?

There are a couple of questions I often get from potential customers and visitors checking out our camping setup; “Don’t you worry about falling out in the middle of the night?” and “Why is a roof top tent worth the extra cost compared to a ground tent?” To answer the first question;  While sleeping in

Micro Camping Trailer

Do you drive something really small?  Maybe a Mini Cooper, SmartCar, Motorcycle or even an ATV. Here is an idea for a trailer to expand your hauling capacity when needed and is quickly converted into a tent topped camping trailer. Start with a Harbor Freight 55″ x 35″ box trailer.  They are about 180 lbs