Kayak Trailer with No Weld Trailer Racks costing under $500

Making a Kayak Trailer for under $500

Kayak Trailer with No Weld Trailer Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks There are a number of kayak trailers available with racks for around $1000. How about being able to build a kayak trailer yourself for under $500? I don’t mean some “blue tarp and duct tape” hack job, but a nice steel setup built to

Trailer Rack Steel Tubing Compact Camping

Trailer Rack No Weld Steel Tubing

Here is a quick hack on buying tubing for your Trailer No Weld Racks. Depending on how your supplier sells the steel, you can save money.

RTT Tent Insulator

Roof Top Tent Insulator!

For Winter camping, we have a new way to improve your tent’s cold weather performance, an Insulator!

Kayak Trailer Rack Kayak Rack DIY

Trailer Racks

All types of Trailer Racks are being built by customers using our DIY No Weld Trailer Cross Bar and Rack system that are made here in the USA.

Trailer Racks build at home DIY Utility Trailer

Trailer Racks

There is a better way to build a rack system!  Building your own with No Weld Trailer Rack Brackets. I say better way because the rack you build will be exactly the size and height needed for your application

Kayak Trailer Rack Dinoot Rack Utility Trailer RAck

New Trailer Rack Comparison #1

What if there was a better way to build a Trailer Rack? Here is a Trailer Rack Comparison! With a Trailer Rack Comparison, I have noticed people install all sorts of racks on utility camping trailers. Both Thule and Yakima make a popular clamp-on pickup bed rack. Both work nicely for setting up two-tier storage

Just a Few weeks Wait for Trailer Rack Towers!

New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers Only a few weeks left to wait! The first batch of the New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers is in the queue and expected to be complete around 10/17. As with Thule racks, you will need crossbars to go with your towers. The towers were designed to use the

compact camping trailer stored in garage with the Subaru

Advantage # 39 of A Compact Trailer

Compact Trailer Utility Model Now that you have upgraded to adventuring with a Compact Trailer; where do you store it when it’s not being used? Another advantage to a Compact size is the ease to keep them packed and waiting for your next adventure. The Compact footprint that makes them easy to tow without straining

Trailer Racks build at home DIY Utility Trailer

DIY Trailer Racks

The DIY Trailer Racks No Weld Bracket System we introduced earlier this year has proven to be a budget friendly way to build sturdy homemade trailer racks.

compact camping trailer

Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer How-to Build

Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer  We’ve had our game changing Fiberglass Jeep Style Tub Kits on the market for a while now.  Prior to their introduction, building a matching Jeep Trailer required cutting and welding old Jeep bodies together, then days of body work.  Now, with our tub kits, building a matching Jeep Trailer is a

Compact Camping Trailer Explorer Box Snow Camping

Explorer Box Camping Trailer

Explorer Box Camping Trailer It has now been over 10 years since I built the first lightweight Explorer Box camping trailer and began showing people how-to build their own. For me, it’s been like a rebirth from long ago home-built camping trailers people could build using information found in places like Popular Mechanics.  We are

Harbor Freight Frame Improve the Ride!

Harbor Freight bolt-together trailer frames are a great base for many home-built trailer projects. We specialize in and show people how to use them under DIY Compact Camping Trailers projects.

Dinoot Trailer Tub Kits Are Back In Production

It has been a long three and half months since a fire halted production of our Dinoot fiberglass tub kits. Yesterday was a major milestone in restarting production. The damaged molds have all been remade and we moved the entire mold set to a new facility.  Over the next week, a final cleanup, inspection and pulling