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How-To Build a 4’ M416 Camping Trailer

    An M416 Camping Trailer may look like this

    compact camping Trailer Gallery camping by lake

    We designed our Dinoot M-Series M416 camping trailer tub kits to have the same 40.5″ width that a M416 trailer has to be used as replacement tubs.  This also makes them the same width as a Harbor Freight 40.5″ x 48″ frame kit.  The Harbor Freight frames are perfectly sized for building a stubby 4′ M-Series M416.

    Here are a few ideas on how you could build one.

    M416 Camping Trailer - How To Build

    Using a Harbor Freight Haul-Master #62645 40.5″ x 48″ frame kit, I would first stretch the tongue with a piece of 2.5″ square tube

    M416 Trailer Frame How to Build

    Add reinforcement plates where the tongue bolts to the cross-members is an important step.

    M416 Camping Trailer Cargo Basket

    Another possibility would be to make the tongue long enough for using a Harbor Freight receiver cargo basket as a front rack

    M416 Trailer Build Tongue Cargo Basket

    The final piece is the tub kit.  Just like a full length M-Series M416 tub kit; you could build it with or without a tailgate.  We have done this for the 5′ versions.  We cut the side panels to the proper length for you before sending them.

    M416 Trailer Tub Kits in Different Sizes

    Just another way we can help you build the perfect trailer “Your Way”!