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Another Dinoot Jeep Trailer First Adventure

    Customer Photos

    We really enjoy receiving First Adventure pictures of customers taking their Dinoot home-built trailers out.

    This is Robert’s, first trip with his Extended J-Series Jeep Trailer took them from Texas, high into the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado. He shared this trip with three generations; his son, grandson and son-in-law.

    The Dinoot Jeep trailer had one minor hiccup on the trip, the cheapo latches he purchased locally to secure the hardcover came apart. This was an easy in-the-field fix and a set of our Lid Latches are in route to permanently fix it.

    Robert had this to say; “All-in-all, I couldn’t be happier with the project at this point.  She performed great (except the latches) and I even had compliments from the other hikers. Thanks to Scott for your help and I’m already thinking about the next trailer or mod to this one.”

    Thanks, Robert – your rig is awesome!