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Great Site – History of the “Pop-Up Camper”

    Great Site - History of the "Pop-Up Camper" Compact Camping Trailers
    1928 WIEDMAN CAMP BODY ON STEWART TRUCK CHASSIS -- RV Collection 7 (David Woodworth Collection)

    We found this site during one of our many searches for cool compact campers; RV/MH Hall of Fame.  They dedicate the web site  to the history of American-made pop-up campers and displays a museum specifically for the pop up camper.  The site documents the manufacturers who produced and sold pop-up campers throughout the 20th century. Included with each manufacturer will be brochures, advertisements, news and magazine articles.

    Early styles are fun to see and their functionality is quite unique.  A pop-up camper with a trailer – circa 1913.   The evolution is inspiring and heartening for what we do and design.

    Check it out and have fun.