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Got Support?

    At Compact Camping Concepts, we pride ourselves in providing DIY Camping Trailer builders the best Full Support possible. As part of this Full Support we sponsor a forum named Tventuring.

    The Trailer Forum is a great resource for folks constructing home-built camping trailers. When thinking about making your own camping trailer, it is a good resource to find ideas.

    When you start building your camping trailer it is a community in which you can find advice from and a place to share your project.  Then once you have your camping trailer ready to go, there is a section for trip planning and trip reports. Plus, we all like to see what your new trailer consists of.

    Secondly, we are here to help.  Any questions about planning your build, or while you are building we are a phone call away.  If you need a construction manual, parts, accessories or a roof top tent, we have you covered.

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