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Featured Customer Explorer Box Build

    Over the summer Russ and his wife arrived from Canada to pick up a Tent Unit and Explorer Box Construction Manual.  During the summer they mounted and used their Tent Unit on their Jeep and when fall came around Russ began building his Explorer Box.

    When Russ informed me of what he had planned, I thought wow; this is going to be one nice Explorer Box.  He began the build on an aluminum frame and added torsion half axles.

    Frame of Russ's Explorer Box Build

    Russ's Explorer Box Axle

    When building the box, he used 1/4” marine plywood covered in a layer of epoxy coated fiberglass. On the inside all the corner joints are epoxy fillets with a strip of fiberglass, very strong and lightweight.

    Russ's Explorer Box Build Marine Grade Plywood

    He revised the front galley area from the plans and added a slide out propane oven.

    Russ's Pull Out Propane Oven on Explorer Box

    Russ's Explorer Box Build Compartments

    With all that completed, he applied a beautiful automotive grade silver paint job and topped it off with a nice set of aluminum rims.

    Congratulations Russ, you’ve built one very nice and unique Explorer Box!

    Russ's Completed Explorer Box