Explorer Box Overview

Building a Compact Camping Trailer – The Explorer Box

The Explorer Box has been designed as a straight forward, DIY friendly compact camping trailer.  Plans include full dimension drawings, material list, building notes and material suggestions. Many DIY-ers will begin their trailer build with a bolt-together frame kit, although most 4’ x 6’ flat bed trailers are a suitable starting point.  We also have welded frames available.

Explorer Box compact camping trailers bolt together frame kits

Compact Camping Concepts Welded Frame

At the heart of the Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer is its plywood based trailer box. Using plywood, waterproof glue and a few screws it’s easy to create a durable, attractive, lightweight trailer box.  We use a combination of plywood types.

Exterior Finish okoume

To begin, for the exterior we prefer using quality marine grade Okoume plywood, for its weight and strength advantages.

It’s also more attractive and takes a finish better that standard plywood.

compact camping trailer DIY home built camping trailer lightweight off road trailer
1. First, you begin with the floor2. Then you build and add the center support wall
camping trailer box build at home camping trailers plan bookcompact camping trailer build plans overview of build at home camping trailer
3. Then add sidewalls. 4. Then the front wall is built and shelves are added.
compact camping trailer build rear wing and cross support are added
5. Then the rear wing and cross support are added 6. Next the top and doors are added.
compact camping trailer with roof top tent build at home camping trailer
7. Then you fill and finish the exterior.
Miscellaneous hardware, fenders and lighting are added..
8. Add your tent unit and you are ready to camp!