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Explorer Box Camping Trailer

    Explorer Box Camping Trailer

    It has now been over 12 years since I built the first lightweight Explorer Box camping trailer and began showing people how-to build their own.

    For me, it’s been like a rebirth from long ago home-built camping trailers people could build using information found in places like Popular Mechanics.  We are now the leading how-to experts in building compact camping trailers providing DIYers with construction guides, parts and many sources of information.

    The Explorer Box design is inspired by the simplicity of vintage Tent Trailers with some Teardrop Trailer influences.  Our “Explorer Box Trailer Build Manual” makes it simple to build a durable plywood based lightweight camping trailer.  Think of the build plans as a recipe; follow the instructions and out pops a ready to use camping trailer.  All the “how-to” is there to build a lightweight camping trailer box with doors!

    To help people as they plan their Explorer Box project, I’ve created an “Explorer Box Trailer Collection” thread on the Tventuring forum.  With build related information and an index of customer build threads that I am aware of. It is also full of photos to help you visualize what your Explorer Box project will look like.  When you build yours, be sure to send pictures so we can add them.  We also have informational posts about storage construction ideas and a budget overview.

    The Size of Your Vehicle DOES NOT Dictate the Size of your Adventure . . . Anymore

    Explorer Box Camping Trailer
    Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer Plan Manual