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Dinoot in Trailer Life Magazine

    We are thrilled to be included Dinoot in Trailer Life Magazine!

    We just received a copy of the Trailer Life Magazine article written by Jim Brightly.

    We really enjoyed his building journal with the Dinoot M416 Tub Kit and products from Compact Camping Trailers. The outcome is customized, functional and quite the awesome rig. Everyone can achieve their own custom rig with our components and products. Jim certainly did!

    It is a fun read learning about his personal use of camping trailers through the years and his experience with our products.

    Dinoot Trailers in  Trailer Life Magazine
    Trailer Life Magazine Article Building a Dinoot M416 Trailer

    How-To Build a 4’ M416 Camping Trailer

    Check out the Dinoot M416 Tub Kits Here.

    Thank you Jim!