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Dinoot DIY Camping Trailer Build Story

    Dinoot DIY Camping Trailer Build

    Ever wonder what it takes to build your own Dinoot DIY camping trailer?  Have you been to our Trailer Supported Adventure forum?

    Of the many Dinoot Trailer customer build stories done to date; Jason’s is one of the most detailed and largest at 23 pages. It’s a good read to understand a DIY Dinoot build. He has also gone “Full Tilt” on outfitting that results in so many good ideas for everyone’s builds.  Jason is serious about what he wants in a camping trailer and share how he decided to build his Dinoot.

    You can read all about his build at Jason’s Compact J-Series Dinoot DIY Camping Trailer. There is also a post about an M416 Dinoot DIY Off Road Trailer Build!

    Be sure to check out our Dinoot Trailer website for the information needed to begin your own custom build.