compact camping trailer stored in garage with the Subaru

Advantage # 39 of A Compact Trailer

Compact Trailer Utility Model Now that you have upgraded to adventuring with a Compact Trailer; where do you store it when it’s not being used? Another advantage to a Compact size is the ease to keep them packed and waiting for your next adventure. The Compact footprint that makes them easy to tow without straining

Trailer Supported Christmas

How many people decorate (trailers) for Christmas?  We thought we were the only ones that made Lego Dinoot Jeep Style trailer Christmas scenes.  But our customer, Kyle, out did us on a grand scale. Kyle went all out this year decorating his Jeep and matching Dinoot Jeep Trailer.  It brings a smile to our faces and we

The Extra Space Button

Drive the rig you enjoy! When you need more space for away from home adventures, just hit the Extra Space Button! No need to size your vehicle based on the 20% of the time you need extra space.  Add the extra space only when needed for those away from home adventures in the form of

Do you remember your first time?

It is summertime and the new builds by our customer’s are coming in as they take them out for their first or one of many adventures.  We are enjoying seeing the awesome rigs and their experience with the Dinoot Jeep style trailer. We received a message from our customer, Bryan, who recently got his custom

Dinoot Pride

Our customers outfit and customize their DIY Dinoot Jeep Trailers in many ways as we have seen on these posts and on our Tventuring Forum. One of our customer’s, Wes, is working on an Extended J-Series Jeep Trailer.  He already ordered his license plate to get a jump on the Dinoot being road ready.  To

Another Dinoot Jeep Trailer First Adventure

Customer Photos We really enjoy receiving First Adventure pictures of customers taking their Dinoot home-built trailers out. This is Robert’s, first trip with his Extended J-Series Jeep Trailer took them from Texas, high into the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado. He shared this trip with three generations; his son, grandson and son-in-law. The Dinoot

Jeep Trailer Customer Build

Jeep Trailer Customer Build Jeep Trailer Customer Build by Myron who built his Compact J-Series Dinoot Jeep Trailer last year, has been using it ever since and just sent us some new photos of it behind his Jeep. He has used it on a number of fly fishing trips throughout last year. As he used