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Advantage # 39 of A Compact Trailer

    Compact Trailer Utility Model

    Now that you have upgraded to adventuring with a Compact Trailer; where do you store it when it’s not being used?

    Another advantage to a Compact size is the ease to keep them packed and waiting for your next adventure. The Compact footprint that makes them easy to tow without straining your vehicle, means they don’t take up a lot of space.  Instead of needing to rent a storage space, like many people do for their big trailers, simply park it in the garage with your car.  Yes I said, park it in the garage with your car.  Many Compact Camping Trailers can be turned sideways and parked next to the garage wall leaving room to park you car behind it in the garage.

    This picture is of Eric’s 4×6 camping utility trailer modified with a No Weld Rack and rooftop tent parked in front of his Subaru in the garage.

    Learn more at our forum here.

    compact camping trailer stored in garage with the Subaru
    Compact Camping Utility Trailer Storage Idea