Got Welded Frames?

When building one of our DIY Dinoot fiberglass Camping Trailers, there are a couple of frame options. Depending on your needs and planned usage, you can use a Harbor Freight bolt-together frame or a Welded frame. Many welded frame options are available for your home-built Dinoot off-road trailer project. We offer Welded frame kits that

Got Removable Trailer Side Table?

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep, cooking, etc comes in handy, especially with trailers. We’ve put together a Removable Trailer Side Table kit with all the hardware needed to make your own removable trailer side table. The Kit includes a two-piece attachment bracket, adjustable leg and a leg retainer.

Got Plywood?

Get a copy of our Explorer Box Camping Trailer Construction Manual, and with a few sheets of plywood, some glue and a hand full of screws, these pictures could be you out with your cool new DIY Compact Camping Trailer. We offer the DIY Home-Builder a detailed construction manual, building supplies, a selection of folding

Dinoot DIY Camping Trailer Build Story

Ever wonder what it takes to build your own Dinoot DIY camping trailer?  Have you been to our Trailer Supported Adventure forum? Of the many Dinoot Trailer customer build stories done to date; Jason’s is one of the most detailed and largest at 23 pages. It’s a good read to understand a DIY Dinoot build.

Compact Camping Trailer Supported Yard Work?

How many people use their trailer for Compact Camping Trailer Supported Yard Work? Resourceful and a unique way to use your Compact Camping Trailer.  Actually, a way we have never seen before. Everyday we receive photos from customers in emails or posted on our Tventuring Forum about the different places and uses of their home-built

Got Ammo Cans?

Amazingly enough, we’ve found ammo cans make great storage containers for camping trailers.   They’re sturdy, weatherproof, inexpensive and come in many sizes. There is an interesting thread on Tventuring  with examples of ammo can use with camping trailers and the different sizes at the Ammo Can Idea Thread. Do you use them? Join in

Overland Expo

Heading to the Overland Expo in AZ this weekend? If so, we have confirmed two of our customers will be bringing their Dinoot Trailers and are happy to show you around them. Sean, the writer for  who has published a couple of stories about his Compact J-Series Jeep style Dinoot trailer;  has done most

Got Parts?

Got Parts? Need Parts?  Here is a pile waiting for pickup by a customer. Whether your DIY camping trailer project is a Dinoot, Explorer Box or some other home-built style trailer, we are happy to help you sort out and kit up whatever build parts you need.

Did You Build That Trailer?

Go from this, to a cool Jeep or M416 style trailer in a few weekends! We make it easy with all the parts, assembly guides, tons of reference information and many customer build stories. Okay, there are a few more boxes than that. . . but its a lot of fun!

Busy Spring for Dinoots!

Bill’s build is the latest in a long string of new Dinoots this Spring.  It is a great looking Compact J-Series Jeep trailer with matching paint, matching tires and a Ruggedized Kukenam roof top tent. He has even figured a way to say it in the coolest way;  his vanity plate says it all GOXPLR!

What’s New?

News Flash! New Compact Camping Trailer Gallery – we’ll be adding to it all the time. See our videos of our trailers and more here. has just released their review of our Dinoot Trailer Build.  Check it out here. Read the latest write up about Compact Camping here by Julian Gothard of If

The perfect LED Tent / Camping Light

We’ve been searching for the perfect LED light to compliment our folding tent units for a while. Our search centered on an LED light that is cost effective to buy and use, with a good full light pattern. Our first search revealed many table top lantern styles designed to throw their light out to the side,

Willamette National Forest, French Creek Area Waterfalls

Depending on the time of year, there is water cascading down every where on the drive up Hwy 22 heading towards Detroit. On the way up Hwy 22 from Salem, Niagara County park is a nice stop. It’s a place were the Santiam river boils through a small slot in the rocks and a small

Alsea Falls and Green Peak Falls

When we lived in Corvallis it was always a nice drive to take the Benton County Tour Route (a national back country byway) through Monroe.  We’d head, up to the falls, for some hiking, then head home via Mary’s Peak.  In the spring there is foxglove everywhere and blossoming dogwoods.  In the fall the colors

Mt. Hood Gunsight Ridge Adventure

This is a scenic, off-pavement route for exploring the Mt. Hood National Forest.  It has great views of Mt. Hood throughout; with views of Jefferson, Three Sisters, Adams, St. Helen and Rainer depending on clearness.  The route has many rough sections which may be dusty and requires good ground clearance.  In dry conditions its run

Mt. Hood Camping Adventure

We set out on another camping trip – this time without the Explorer Box; just our roof top tent and the Suzuki Sidekick as our ‘camper’.  We put the tent on top of the Suzuki, Arko-Mills containers were packed with food and utensils a small bag of clothes and we were off!  Grabbed the coats

Customer Write-up

We received this link from a recent customer Jasmine B. and  pleased to see that being a bit unsure about a roof top tent proved unfounded; now the way she and her husband camp has changed for the better! We’ve included a few of the photos she posted and want to thank Jasmine for her kind

Waterfalls of Opal Creek Recreation Area

With my attraction to moving water and waterfalls, a great three waterfalls day trip to Salmon, Henline and Sullivan falls is a good blend of back roads driving and hiking.