Kayak Trailer with No Weld Trailer Racks costing under $500

Making a Kayak Trailer for under $500

Kayak Trailer with No Weld Trailer Racks by Dinoot Trailer Racks There are a number of kayak trailers available with racks for around $1000. How about being able to build a kayak trailer yourself for under $500? I don’t mean some “blue tarp and duct tape” hack job, but a nice steel setup built to

Trailer Racks build at home DIY Utility Trailer

Trailer Racks

There is a better way to build a rack system!  Building your own with No Weld Trailer Rack Brackets. I say better way because the rack you build will be exactly the size and height needed for your application

Kayak Trailer Rack Dinoot Rack Utility Trailer RAck

New Trailer Rack Comparison #1

What if there was a better way to build a Trailer Rack? Here is a Trailer Rack Comparison! With a Trailer Rack Comparison, I have noticed people install all sorts of racks on utility camping trailers. Both Thule and Yakima make a popular clamp-on pickup bed rack. Both work nicely for setting up two-tier storage

compact camping trailer stored in garage with the Subaru

Advantage # 39 of A Compact Trailer

Compact Trailer Utility Model Now that you have upgraded to adventuring with a Compact Trailer; where do you store it when it’s not being used? Another advantage to a Compact size is the ease to keep them packed and waiting for your next adventure. The Compact footprint that makes them easy to tow without straining

Trailer Racks build at home DIY Utility Trailer

DIY Trailer Racks

The DIY Trailer Racks No Weld Bracket System we introduced earlier this year has proven to be a budget friendly way to build sturdy homemade trailer racks.

compact camping trailer

Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer How-to Build

Dinoot J-Series Jeep Trailer  We’ve had our game changing Fiberglass Jeep Style Tub Kits on the market for a while now.  Prior to their introduction, building a matching Jeep Trailer required cutting and welding old Jeep bodies together, then days of body work.  Now, with our tub kits, building a matching Jeep Trailer is a

Compact Camping Trailer Explorer Box Snow Camping

Explorer Box Camping Trailer

Explorer Box Camping Trailer It has now been over 10 years since I built the first lightweight Explorer Box camping trailer and began showing people how-to build their own. For me, it’s been like a rebirth from long ago home-built camping trailers people could build using information found in places like Popular Mechanics.  We are

Harbor Freight Frame Improve the Ride!

Harbor Freight bolt-together trailer frames are a great base for many home-built trailer projects. We specialize in and show people how to use them under DIY Compact Camping Trailers projects.

Multi Purpose Camping Trailer

Here is an overview of a Utilitarian style multi purpose camping trailer I recently setup for a customer.  For Compact setups, I would normally use a 3.5’x5′ or 4’x6′ trailer, both under $500.  They went a little bigger with the 5’x8′ Lowe’s Utility Trailer as a starting point. The key feature for converting this one

You Meet Some Interesting Characters Compact Camping!

Compact Camping Trailers are unique and tend to attract a lot of attention.  You never know who might wander into your camp to ask questions or looking to bum a side of beef. Here is who one of our customers, Douglas, ran into when out with the Dinoot Jeep Trailer he built.

Last minute Christmas Ideas

Unique last minute ideas for that special roof top tent adventurer on your Christmas list!  We have exclusive items and other accessories anyone with a roof top tent would be happy to see on Christmas Day! Check out our RTT Accessories, many around $20 or less, some not available anywhere else.

Dinoot Trailer Article in OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue #18

A lot of people are talking about the trend toward compact, lightweight, budget-friendly adventure trailers. Guess who is leading the way? Dinoot Trailers! Andy Lilienthal wrote a great article for OutdoorX4 Magazine’s Trailer-Supported Adventures section titled “Dinoot Trailers for the budget-conscious adventurer”. The article begins on page 60.  If you have a hardcopy; it is in Issue #18. The

McKenzie River Compact Camping

The rushing of the water condenses the world into peace.  Sunlight reflects off the pure white of the tumultuous churning enough to blind those lucky enough to notice.  The heavens so blue it aches to gaze into the limitless depths, in just a few hours, the dance of the cosmos so spectacular as to be

The Extra Space Button

Drive the rig you enjoy! When you need more space for away from home adventures, just hit the Extra Space Button! No need to size your vehicle based on the 20% of the time you need extra space.  Add the extra space only when needed for those away from home adventures in the form of

Do you remember your first time?

It is summertime and the new builds by our customer’s are coming in as they take them out for their first or one of many adventures.  We are enjoying seeing the awesome rigs and their experience with the Dinoot Jeep style trailer. We received a message from our customer, Bryan, who recently got his custom