Compact Camping Trailers Let’s Build Something

Compact Camping Trailers Let’s Build Something

Explorer Box by Compact camping trailers
The Explorer Box by Compact Camping Trailers, a Construction Manual

Compact Camping Trailers

  • Our Explorer Box Trailer Build Manual makes it simple to build a durable plywood based compact camping trailer.  Think of it as a recipe; follow the instructions and out pops a ready to use Explorer Box camping trailer. The manual takes you step by step through the process, with details, dimension drawings and photos of each step.
  • Our  ABC’s of Home-Built Camping Trailers guide is for folks with some ideas of what they want in a compact camping trailer that seek guidance about undertaking a project of this nature.
  • Our Dinoot Trailers  are modular fiberglass panel kits which simplify the build process.  They are currently two models available.  A J-Series which has distinct Jeep styling cues and an M-Series with classic M416 military trailer styling.
  • No Weld Trailer Rack System makes it simple to setup utility trailers and other types of trailers for camping or multi-sport adventures. The racks and cross bars make it easy to haul Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, you name it!

Roof Top Tents

Trailer Rack No Weld trailer racks for roof top tents
Roof Top Tent on Jeep Trailer by Dinoot

We carry a few different folding Rooftop Tent Units to cover a range of various needs. These Roof Top Tents can be used for Trailer, Vehicle and Truck top mounting. They were originally developed for back country expeditions and safaris in places like Australia and South Africa and are referred to as ‘Rooftop Tents’.  We have a dedicated site for our Roof Top Tents and the accessories only found from us –, for detailed information  and available in our Store.

Our Store

Everything you need for your Trailer Supported Adventuring is found here.  We not only sell these products, but we use them.  You’ll find no one more knowledgeable about these products.  We love to camp, so we gather the items that make our adventures easier, more fun and unique.

Trailer Ideas

kayak trailer M416 style military trailer kit

Our Forum

We talk about home built compact camping trailers, trailers, adventures and all else you can think of regarding ‘trailers’.  Come on in and let’s hear what you’ve been thinking!