Trailer Rack Comparison

What if there was a better way to build a Trailer Rack? Here is a Trailer Rack Comparison! With Trailer Rack Comparison, I have noticed people install all sorts on utility camping trailers. Both Thule and Yakima make a popular clamp-on pickup bed rack. Both work nicely for setting up two-tier storage for hauling roof

Just a Few weeks Wait for Trailer Rack Towers!

New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers Only a few weeks left to wait! The first batch of the New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers is in the queue and expected to be complete around 10/17. As with Thule racks, you will need crossbars to go with your towers. The towers were designed to use the

compact camping trailer stored in garage with the Subaru

Advantage # 39 of A Compact Trailer

Compact Trailer Utility Model Now that you have upgraded to adventuring with a Compact Trailer; where do you store it when it’s not being used? Another advantage to a Compact size is the ease to keep them packed and waiting for your next adventure. The Compact footprint that makes them easy to tow without straining

The No Weld Trailer Rack System

Our No Weld Trailer Rack System makes it easy for DIYers to build sturdy trailer racks tailored to their needs. At the core of the system are the Corner Connectors used for 90 degree joints and Base Plates for connecting the rack to the trailer. The other component is 1.5” square tubing with .120” wall. A

LED Ambient Lights

These low draw, compact surface mount LED lights add a just enough light without being overpowering.  Simple to attach with a couple of screws.  Illuminate your campsite without harsh beams, with the ambient light you’ll find it easier to enter your trailer or roof top tent.  Many uses, applications and simple to attach where you

compact camping trailer camp-kitchen

Portable Camp Kitchen

I’ve thought about making some sort of Camp Kitchen / Chuck Box / Grub Box for a while so after a visit from Hans of Trail Kitchens and some testing, we will be adding the Compact Model Camping Kitchen to our line up.  With many great features it was an easy choice.  Here are a few

Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 1

I’ve begun prototyping a new trailer rack concept. The idea is taking a modular, bolt together approach to create a versatile system adaptable to many trailer applications.  The focus is designing it for DIYers so they can use a small collection of components to create rack setups tailored to their needs.  I envision working out the

Got Removable Trailer Side Table?

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep, cooking, etc comes in handy, especially with trailers. We’ve put together a Removable Trailer Side Table kit with all the hardware needed to make your own removable trailer side table. The Kit includes a two-piece attachment bracket, adjustable leg and a leg retainer.

Got Plywood?

Get a copy of our Explorer Box Camping Trailer Construction Manual, and with a few sheets of plywood, some glue and a hand full of screws, these pictures could be you out with your cool new DIY Compact Camping Trailer. We offer the DIY Home-Builder a detailed construction manual, building supplies, a selection of folding

DIY Roof Top Tent Ideas

Here are some vintage Car Tent / Roof Top Tent building ideas from Popular Science to spark your DIY creative juices, Click here for the article. Even this long ago innovators were attempting to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Of course the roof top tents have come a long way – its

Got Parts?

Got Parts? Need Parts?  Here is a pile waiting for pickup by a customer. Whether your DIY camping trailer project is a Dinoot, Explorer Box or some other home-built style trailer, we are happy to help you sort out and kit up whatever build parts you need.

Trailer Parts

We carry all the parts you will need to build your own unique Compact Camping Trailer from our Explorer Box Construction Plans, and more!  Click on the photos to browse our products and be sure to check out our Roof Top Tents, Accessories for Roof Top Tents, and Outfitting. This section has three categories: Components

Garage Sale

We sometimes have trade-ins. demo items and discontinued products we can offer at a reduced price. When we do, we’ll list them here.  Be sure and check back or sign up for our newsletter on our shopping cart page or subscribe for advance notice.                     Rightline SUV