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Coleman Coolers

    There is camping gear advertised to ‘last a lifetime’ and few items that actually do. They may have scars and a few bumps and cracks, but they remain useable and part of the ‘family’ when it comes to camping and outdoor fun.

    I bought my first Coleman™ ‘Steel Series’ cooler in 1979. It is still functioning festooned with stickers memorizing four-wheel clubs, parts, destinations and all the sentimental stuff I can’t seem to part with. The only thing wrong with it is some worn-out corners in the bottom plastic (see photo) and the latch doesn’t have full travel anymore. Not terminal afflictions, by any means.
    Coleman Coolers Compact Camping Trailers Coleman Coolers Compact Camping Trailers

    The lid will stay closed with a little finesse. At twenty-eight years old, we are still using this cooler.

    Two years ago, we decided to add an additional Coleman™ cooler. We purchased a new stainless steel model.

    Coleman Coolers Compact Camping Trailers

    In the interim of the road weary ‘green monster’ and buying the stainless model, we had various brands of plastic coolers that didn’t survive more than a couple of years. One was, at least, my fault; after being used as a seat by the fire it was left there overnight. In the morning it was deformed almost beyond recognition. That would have never happened to the ‘green monster’ and won’t affect the new shiny model, either.

    These two purchases are the basics of a successful camping trip. One item people tell me they can’t live without is the ARB 12v freezer/fridge cooler. It plugs into the auxiliary outlet in newer model cars and SUV’s, but at a whopping $700 investment, we’ll decide on that in the future.