LED Ambient Lights

These low draw, compact surface mount LED lights add a just enough light without being overpowering.  Simple to attach with a couple of screws.  Illuminate your campsite without harsh beams, with the ambient light you’ll find it easier to enter your trailer or roof top tent.  Many uses, applications and simple to attach where you

compact camping trailer camp-kitchen

Portable Camp Kitchen

I’ve thought about making some sort of Camp Kitchen / Chuck Box / Grub Box for a while so after a visit from Hans of Trail Kitchens and some testing, we will be adding the Compact Model Camping Kitchen to our line up.  With many great features it was an easy choice.  Here are a few

Got Removable Trailer Side Table?

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep, cooking, etc comes in handy, especially with trailers. We’ve put together a Removable Trailer Side Table kit with all the hardware needed to make your own removable trailer side table. The Kit includes a two-piece attachment bracket, adjustable leg and a leg retainer.

Got Ammo Cans?

Amazingly enough, we’ve found ammo cans make great storage containers for camping trailers.   They’re sturdy, weatherproof, inexpensive and come in many sizes. There is an interesting thread on Tventuring  with examples of ammo can use with camping trailers and the different sizes at the Ammo Can Idea Thread. Do you use them? Join in

DIY Roof Top Tent Ideas

Here are some vintage Car Tent / Roof Top Tent building ideas from Popular Science to spark your DIY creative juices, Click here for the article. Even this long ago innovators were attempting to help people get out and enjoy the outdoors.  Of course the roof top tents have come a long way – its

Roof Top Tent Sheet Set

Tent Topped Camping in a roof top style tent unit gives you a very comfortable nights sleep anywhere you camp. Now we have a way to take that comfort up a notch, with bedding just like at home! Now available, custom fitted sheets sized to your tent unit mattress. For details visit Roof Top Tent

Roof Top Tent Sheets

Now we have a way to take that comfort up a notch, with bedding just like at home!

What’s New?

News Flash! New Compact Camping Trailer Gallery – we’ll be adding to it all the time. See our videos of our trailers and more here. Off-Road.com has just released their review of our Dinoot Trailer Build.  Check it out here. Read the latest write up about Compact Camping here by Julian Gothard of Examiner.com If

Top-Tent.com TSHIRTS!

We have finished the design of our new T-Shirt and they are now available on our website! Check the new design out at Top-Tent.com Like everything we do, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Our T-shirts begin life as a high quality Haynes 100% ComfortSoft 6.1 oz cotton, preshrunk and tag-less for an

Tall Stabilizer Jacks

We have a new taller version of our rear jacks now available. These are great for lifted and off road trailers that have more ground clearance.

New Tent Unit in the Works

Here is a first look at a new reduced weight folding rooftop tent style unit we are testing and plan on carrying. As with our other units; it’s designed for comfortably sleeping two people with extra room on the end. Here are a few of the areas that differentiate them from our standard size Safari

New Packable Kayak!

On a recent trip we tested a new packable kayak.  As a solution to minimizing space and ease of packing we’ve used a packable kayak that performed well and being in a bag, was great to pack in the Explorer Box.  The previous boat was a skin on frame which took a bit of time

Cost of Disposable versus Refillable Propane Cylinders

A question I regularly get about Outfitting one of our home-built tent trailers is, Should I add a refillable propane cylinder or use the small disposable ones? For me there are two primary considerations, cost and reducing waste.  The cost difference is straight forward to quantify, the value of reducing waste is a personal choice.

Products – Trailer Parts

Parts for the construction of The Explorer Box and other compact camping trailers; including latches, hinges and lock sets.  Check them all out here. Please contact us for ordering info until we have full online shopping in place.

DIY Side Tables

When camping off the beaten path, extra counter space for food prep and cooking comes in handy. We have all the hardware available to make your own removable side tables in both folded down, adjusted and fixed leg styles. Side tables can be made to run lengthwise along your trailer or perpendicular. I’ve not done

Net Mesh Storage Pouches

Storage pockets turn any surface, especially vertical ones, into extra, usable space. Their elastic top closure securely holds items while providing convenient quick access. They come in both a webbing frame with a fabric back and wire frame model. See all models and accessories here. Please contact us for ordering info until we have full

Pak Boat Experience

One of the outdoor activities my wife and I enjoy is kayaking. We’re not hardcore kayakers doing week long open ocean trips.  We mostly enjoy mountain and coastal lakes, estuaries and meandering rivers.   Over the years we’ve owned a number of Prijon and Eddyline flat water kayaks and I’ve built both a wood strip and

Coleman Coolers

There is camping gear advertised to ‘last a lifetime’ and few items that actually do. They may have scars and a few bumps and cracks, but they remain useable and part of the ‘family’ when it comes to camping and outdoor fun.