How Easy is it to Set Up a Roof Top Tent?

Scott shows you how easy it is to set up a Roof Top Tent (less than a minute) and be in bed after a long day of driving to a favorite camp spot! This is ours  with the Explorer Box. Check out just how easy here. Happy Camping!

Afraid to Fall Out of a Roof Top Tent?

People often ask us; “Can’t you fall out of one of those?”  Referring to our roof top tent – well, here’s an answer that illustrates just how safe and roomy a roof top tent or tent topped camper (the Explorer Box) actually is! See our YouTube Video here.

Is a Soft Floor Tent Unit Right for You?

When looking at folding style trailer / roof tent unit; one decision you’ll need to make is soft or hard floor. The majority of tent units are made with a hard floor design using plywood or aluminum sandwich construction. One model, the Oasis II uses a soft floor design using a trampoline type material. The

M.O.A.B. DIY Folding Tent Unit Video

Scott walks you through setting up the M.O.A.B. Stay tuned for the next installment of the interior of the one and only DIY Folding Tent Unit Made in the USA!

Is a Folding Style Rooftop Tent Unit Right for You?

There are a couple of questions I often get from potential customers and visitors checking out our camping setup; “Don’t you worry about falling out in the middle of the night?” and “Why is a roof top tent worth the extra cost compared to a ground tent?” To answer the first question;  While sleeping in

Is a DIY Camping Trailer Right for You?

Sometimes, when people consider doing-it-yourself, the first thing that comes to mind is; “how cheap can I build it?”  “I’m on a budget, I want to save money or I can’t afford the ready made one I want.” What reasons are driving your interest in a DIY project? When I think about DIY, here are

Compact Camping How Much Can You Tow?

Compact Camping Puts Safety First Compact Camping Trailers wants safety to be your first priority.  Now that you’re considering in a Tent Topped Camping Trailer, you will need to know how much your vehicle is able to tow. Before we jump into that though, I recommend you begin with a primer on safe towing. The

What is a Tent Topped Camping Trailer?

Some people may ask what a Tent Topped Camping Trailer™ (TTCT™) is?

It’s a Tent Trailer – of sorts.  They are compact campers inspired by vintage Tent Trailers