Building a Utility Camping Trailer
Building a Utility Camping Trailer

Trailer Supported Adventuring – Building a Utility Camping Trailer

Trailer Supported Adventuring takes many forms, such as our Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer. At its core, the focus is expanding your available space for away from home adventures. So, what is a budget friendly way to add a pickup bed to your vehicle only when needed?

One starting point is a utility trailer of some sort. There are many types, sizes and styles available. I personally like a lightweight, compact footprint in the 4’ x 6’ size range. A commonly available brand is Carry-On angle iron trailers, they can be found at many Lowes and Tractor Supply store.

So what will you be hauling? Is it for upgrading from sleeping in the dirt with the comforts of a roof top tent? Is it to taking sporting gear like bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, canoes or other sporting gear with you camping?           Or maybe you just have lots of camping gear?

As you think about how-to build the perfect Utility Camping Trailer, this information will help. Here is a Tventuring Forum Thread on the topic with lots of examples that I have added to see what others have done to help you visualize the ideal way to build and outfit yours.  

When you do your project, don’t forget to share it with a build thread on Tventuring.

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