Just a Few weeks Wait for Trailer Rack Towers!

New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers Only a few weeks left to wait! The first batch of the New No Weld Trailer Rack Towers is in the queue and expected to be complete around 10/17. As with Thule racks, you will need crossbars to go with your towers. The towers were designed to use the

Dinoot Trailer Tub Kits Are Back In Production

It has been a long three and half months since a fire halted production of our Dinoot fiberglass tub kits. Yesterday was a major milestone in restarting production. The damaged molds have all been remade and we moved the entire mold set to a new facility.  Over the next week, a final cleanup, inspection and pulling

Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 3

We are very happy with how the Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks prototype (no (customer) welding required) DIY trailer rack has gone together. Once the two hoops and connector bars are bolted together, you get a nice solid structure. I initially used button head bolts for assembling the trailer rack. Will most likely switch to hex

Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 2

Beginning to  work on my new trailer rack concept prototype for my demo Dinoot Trailer. Yesterday I cut all the tubing pieces to size and started test fitting. As is the nature of prototyping; found a hiccup with the first batch of Corner Connectors. Luckily it was quick and easy to resolve. Got the trailer rack

Modular Bolt Together Trailer Racks, Part 1

I’ve begun prototyping a new trailer rack concept. The idea is taking a modular, bolt together approach to create a versatile system adaptable to many trailer applications.  The focus is designing it for DIYers so they can use a small collection of components to create rack setups tailored to their needs.  I envision working out the

Got Support?

At Compact Camping Concepts, we pride ourselves in providing DIY Camping Trailer builders the best Full Support possible. As part of this Full Support we sponsor a forum named Tventuring. The Trailer Forum is a great resource for folks constructing home-built camping trailers. When thinking about making your own camping trailer, it is a good

Overland Expo

Heading to the Overland Expo in AZ this weekend? If so, we have confirmed two of our customers will be bringing their Dinoot Trailers and are happy to show you around them. Sean, the writer for Off-Road.com  who has published a couple of stories about his Compact J-Series Jeep style Dinoot trailer;  has done most

Roof Top Tent Sheets

Now we have a way to take that comfort up a notch, with bedding just like at home!

What’s New?

News Flash! New Compact Camping Trailer Gallery – we’ll be adding to it all the time. See our videos of our trailers and more here. Off-Road.com has just released their review of our Dinoot Trailer Build.  Check it out here. Read the latest write up about Compact Camping here by Julian Gothard of Examiner.com If

Top-Tent.com TSHIRTS!

We have finished the design of our new T-Shirt and they are now available on our website! Check the new design out at Top-Tent.com Like everything we do, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Our T-shirts begin life as a high quality Haynes 100% ComfortSoft 6.1 oz cotton, preshrunk and tag-less for an

Holiday Wishes

We wish everyone a great Holiday packed with memories, laughter and an Amazing New Year!

End of an Era

The Oasis II tent units are out of production and new units are no longer available. We do have replacement tent bodies available and are considering having replacement travel covers and rainflys made. We are also evaluating importing the current Oasis 6.2 models. Although we are evaluating a new line of lighter weight roof top

Website Dedicated to Rooftop Tents

We’ve just launched a new website: Top-Tent.com dedicated to Safari style rooftop/cartop tents.  On it we will be having monthly sales and extremely good pricing and FREE SHIPPING.  If you’ve waited for a deal to top the Explorer Box, your own camping box, car, or truck – now is the time!  Check it out.  We