The Size of Your Vehicle Does Not Dictate the Size of Your Adventure with Compact Camping!

Tired of the cookie cutter commercial trailers? Want something you build with your two hands and can take anywhere your vehicle can take you?

Dinoot Trailer

We have a unique approach to equip folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. Our focus is to support those do it yourself types that desire to “create” their own lightweight, compact, durable camping trailer.

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Our trailer supported adventuring solutions provide the extra space needed for away from home adventures. They are equally at home configured as Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Campers.

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Our Store

We carry all the parts you will need to build your Compact Camping Trailer, add a Roof Top Tent with many exclusive accessories and Outfitting for even better storage with your Home Built Trailer.

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Explorer Box DIY Camping Trailer Build Manual

Whether you plan to build a basic workhorse or functional work of art, this guide is designed as a resource to help DIY’ers convert their ideas into the perfect camping trailer Check out our gallery here. Click here to go to the Product Page of our Store.

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At Compact Camping Trailers Supported Adventuring.  We strive for excellent customer service and giving you the best DIY experience with DIY projects in Trailer Supported Adventuring. Give us a call at 503-390-3152.

We’d love to communicate and help you determine your unique Compact Camping Trailers.  We have No Weld Trailer Racks individually sold or in Kits for trailers and pickup truck beds, Jeep Style Trailer kits by Dinoot, and Roof Top Tents .  Check out our Roof Top Tent Accessories with luxury sheets, upgraded mattress, gear loft and shoe hammock. We have a frame kit, trailer parts, everything you need to build your perfect Compact Camping Trailer! Check out our Let’s Build Something page for ideas and links!

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