Micro Camping Trailer

Do you drive something really small?  Maybe a Mini Cooper, SmartCar, Motorcycle or even an ATV.

Here is an idea for a trailer to expand your hauling capacity when needed and is quickly converted into a tent topped camping trailer.

Start with a Harbor Freight 55″ x 35″ box trailer.  They are about 180 lbs and $350, although with the readily available 20% off coupon it would be $280.

Harbor Freight Box Trailer

Then add an Oasis II  folding tent unit for overnight away from home adventures. They weight 50 lbs and are $815.

Oasis II Roof Top Tent

You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile multi-purpose camping trailer solution that’s new, only weighs 230 lbs and is under $1100.

Happy Camping!

2 Responses so far.

  1. zane perry says:

    Have one, but trailer is the same trailer and side boards but the 4X8′ size. I am building the box on top of the metal sides then the tent so I can have more storage.


  2. Ccconcepts says:

    That is part of what is nice about the Explorer Box design, you can tailor it our needs, it can be “micro” or “super” sized.

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