Trailer Kits

As with our DIY Manuals section, these designs focus on compact, lightweight Tent Topped campers and tailored to smaller vehicles. Our concept is to notably expand your available space, providing storage and cargo hauling capabilities, making smaller vehicles a practical option wherever away from home adventures take you. The compact footprint is a benefit when being towed and stored. The lightweight, minimizes the impact on mileage and doesn’t overtax your vehicle

Those models are aimed at DIYers that don’t mind putting in some sweat equity, but want more of a kit form trailer. Some are simple bolt-together activities, others require “building” and some tools.

Thinking compact? Have something unique in mind? Let us know, we can help you convert your ideas into reality.

Be sure to also join our forum, Tventuring, where you can discuss the building, modifying, outfitting and using the trailers that support your away from home adventures.

When you need more space for away from home adventures, think Compact Camping Concepts and Trailer Supported Adventuring!